Both beautiful and functional, the Mixan Boat Lift makes your life easier without being an eyesore on your beautiful dock.


Lifts boats weighing up to 3000 kg in seconds, extremely intuitive and easy to use.


Remove the need for expensive and toxic boat hull paint by lifting your boat above water whenever it's not in use.


Save money on maintenance as well as off-season storage by having the boat in your lift year-round.

Premium from start to finish


Mikko Tuomi has worked in maritime electronics for over three decades. As an avid boating enthusiast, Mikko faced the same inconvenience all boat owners around the Baltic Sea do; extensive maintenance connected to the strong seasonal effects. Whenever the boat is in the water, the hull is getting covered in grime and barnacles. Boat hulls are often painted with highly toxic paint to mitigate grime buildup, which further increases the pollution in our waters – and requires a considerable amount of both time and money. By lifting the boat out of the water you don’t need toxic paint, cleaning is simplified, and you can store your boat in your Boat Lift – all year round.

Upon realizing that the boat hull could be kept in prime condition by minimizing exposing it to the water, Mikko began exploring the options available on the market. Current solutions did an OK job in solving the problem, but the visual and practical execution was far from ideal. In the archipelago, your dock is your facade. After spending vast amounts of money and time on perfecting your dock, you don’t want to install a bulky metal contraption and ruin the visual entirety that is your dock. With his experience in engineering and design, Mikko set out to solve his problem by creating his tailored Boat Lift. When realizing that he shares the dilemma with many others, a more complete and professional solution started taking shape. Thus, the Mixan Boat Lift was born.

The Mixan Boat Lift is designed from start to finish by professionals. The technology as well as the aesthetics have a dual purpose of providing a durable and long lasting boat lift solution while maintaining the beautiful appearance of your dock. The Mixan Boat Lift will be the talking piece of your dock, not the eyesore of it. The Boat Lift is made to withstand nordic conditions, placing the bulk of the weight on the lift and the sea floor – thus allowing it to be installed on a variety of dock types. The top-tier technology is encased in a sleek fibreglass casing, treated with specialized paint to withstand the effects of sunshine, rain and snow.

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Docks are leisure spots and an integral part of the architecture.

The goal of the design process was to make the boat lift a modern piece of dock technology, which can be modified to match the color themes of the structures and boats.

The robust, Scandinavian simplified design supports the boat lift’s reliable user experience, and its artistic style binds it together with the top quality equipment of the whole dock.

Jaakko Serola

Design Director | Navix Oy


Turku Guest Harbour
STM Team
Nagu Hamn

Take care of your boat, the boating season is too short to be wasted worrying about maintenance.
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Mikko Tuomi

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